Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rest In Peace,Amy Winehouse!

Born on 14 September 1983,Amy Winehouse(birth name-Amy Jade Winehouse) was 27 when she died this morning,on 23 July 2011,in London,England.Because her death was officially confirmed only at 3:54PM,the cause of it is unexplained for the police which opened an investigation.The fact that Amy is gone shook the world because of her age.
Anyway,whatever is the cause of her death,Amy will remain in our souls forever and ever.For those who don't know Amy Winehouse she was an singer&songwriter, known for her powerful contralto vocals.An amazing voice which was able to reach very low notes.Her songs are influenced by jazz.Refering to her proffesional life,her first album,Frank,was nominated for the Mercury Prize and in 2006,the second album called Back to Black wins five Grammy Award.
Her songs will always remind that she lived and she's still living in them.
Another talent of the world leaves us.Rest In Peace,Amy Jade Winehouse!

Friday, July 22, 2011

To be a photographer...

     One morning I woke up and saw my brother's camera on the table.Seemed it was staring at me!That day was a day of knowledge because I had learnt more things about how should we use a photo camera.It's great!Since then,the laziest camera I had ever seen became the most diligent friend!
     I have a beautiful Nikon D40X.It's a good "image-capture".D40X is the younger brother of D40.We could say they are twins because the only external difference is the badge.Of course,D40X is higher:10 megapixel,Nikon image processing engine and it also has in-camera retouching(red-eye reduction,trimming,filter effects).

     How it feels to be a photographer?Although I am not a proffesional photographer,I can answer you.Taking photos is an art.To do an excellent shooting you have to feel the beauty of taking pictures.You and your camera must work as one.If you have a model you should give her/him some advice and inspire her/him trust.These things make you feel happy and important.Therefore,if you love this art (or if you have a photo-camera and you didn't try it until now) you can start to take photographs!!!Moreover,you can download a photo-editor program to edit your work(PhotoShop).By the way...I am used to edit the greatest photos I took in a shooting.I'd like to show you a part of my latest shooting(Vintage Style)
     Anyone of us has a passion!Some of us had already discovered it and some others are still looking for it.You can be a good writer,or a sports person,you can be a great physicist.Must trust you and your forces!
     Wait for you to ask me questions!